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The AVR Monitor is designed to help interested authorities and stakeholders develop, track and achieve armed violence reduction (AVR) goals.

Armed violence not only kills 526,000 people each year1 – one every minute – it also acts as one of the main obstacles to sustainable development in many countries and communities. Processes such as the Geneva Declaration, the Oslo Commitments, Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, the WHO World Report on Violence and Health, the 2011 World Development Report and the New Deal for Fragile States show that countries increasingly recognise the wider impacts of armed violence, and acknowledge the need to do more. For example, through the Geneva Declaration process, many countries have agreed to:

  • Strengthen and further develop sub-national, national and regional capacities to monitor, measure and analyse the scope, scale and distribution of armed violence, and establish national armed violence monitoring and reporting mechanisms. These monitoring systems should be designed so that they can be accessible to states, local authorities and civil society to track progress in achieving measurable reductions in armed violence;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the financial, technical and human resources and assistance available from international organizations, national governments and local authorities, and establish effective and efficient multi-year armed violence reduction and prevention programmes in line with regional, national and sub-national development plans and programmes;
  • Strengthen efforts to share knowledge, experiences and good practices on armed violence reduction and prevention; and
  • Support and further develop collaborative mechanisms, partnerships and initiatives, in particular, South-South and triangular cooperation and initiatives.

The AVR Monitor is specifically designed to address these needs.

Across all armed violence reduction programmes, irrespective of discipline, focus or method, each stakeholder, practitioner and affected community seeks accurate, accessible information to underpin evidence-based interventions and policy decisions.

The AVR Monitor, a programme of the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, helps countries and communities advance their AVR work by connecting stakeholders with reliable, attributable and comparable information, data, tools and analysis on armed violence prevention initiatives world-wide.

As a start, the AVR Monitor will provide a wide collection of, and portal to:

  • country-by-country, region-by-region, and even province-by-province data on the impacts of armed violence, prevention initiatives and donor investment
  • data disaggregated by gender, and armed violence prevention information with particular relevance to women, girls, boys and men
  • comparison charting to make the data accessible, plus engaging and useful tools used in a range of AVR strategies and programmes, including IT platforms to be hosted by interested organisations or by AVRMonitor
  • known AVR programmes in each country, with opportunities to participate in standardised surveys about local programmes and impacts
  • links to analysis of AVR work and its effectiveness in reducing armed violence
  • details of in-country investment and multi-sectoral engagement in AVR initiatives
  • links to internet and printed AVR resources from the full range of disciplines

Information Partners

One important aim of the AVR Monitor is to encourage and support productive information and practice partnerships across an inclusive spectrum of armed violence prevention advocates and practitioners. To read more, or to enquire about joining, see our list of Information Partners.

Support has received seed funding from Act for Peace, the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia.