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Armed violence reduction, peace, security and public health investment and impact:

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Armed violence reduction, country by country

The AVR Monitor helps communities to develop, track and achieve their armed violence prevention goals. Offering rapid access to a broad range of credible sources at a single site, the AVR Monitor provides the cross-disciplinary 'information umbrella' needed to inform successful interventions in any location.

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  • Somalia: Conflict, Peace and Security (CPS) Assistance

    All donors (US$ million)
  • Compare Sierra Leone: Small Arms Control

    Reintegration and SALW assistance (US$ million)
  • United States: Conflict, Peace and Security (CPS) Investment

    All countries (US$ million)
  • Compare Main Donors

    Conflict, Peace, Security (CPS) investment in all countries (US$ million)
  • Canada: Landmine & Explosives Clearance

    All countries (US$ million)
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