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Solomon Islands,Oceania

Up to Half of Pacific Women Support Domestic Violence for 'Trivial Reasons'

19 May 2014

ABC News (Australia)

A new World Bank report has found that 30 per cent of women have experienced physical or sexual violence in the region, with the figure as high as 64 per cent in Solomon Islands. World Bank director of Gender and Development Jeni Klugman says in some developing countries, up to half of women support violence against themselves or their peers for "trivial reasons" such as burning dinner, returning home late or refusing marital sex. "These norms and attitudes are being... (AVR Monitor)

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South Sudan

Impact of Conflict on Sth Sudan's Women & Girls "Horrifying", says CARE

19 May 2014


As the world’s donors and governments gather in Olso, Norway today and tomorrow to discuss how best to respond to the conflict and looming food crisis in South Sudan, CARE International warns of a wave of sexual violence that is worsening as the emergency in the country deepens. CARE released a report today that calls attention to the fact that even before the current conflict South Sudan was one of the world’s harshest environments in which to come of age as a... (AVR Monitor)

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Canada's Indigenous Women Murdered More Than Non-indigenous Women

18 May 2014

Huffington Post (USA)

On May 16, 2014, the RCMP released their National Operational Review on missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. According to their data, there have been 1,181 such cases between 1980 and 2013: 164 missing women and 1017 murdered women. Importantly, while this report gives us a good picture of the scope of the problem of missing and murdered indigenous women, it fails to address some important issues that could help Canada meaningfully address this violence.... (AVR Monitor)

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Guns Should be the Principal Focus to Curb Violence

16 May 2014

Huffington Post (USA)

There is no "silver bullet" to reduce armed violence, a multi-faceted, complex phenomenon with a long list of drivers, risk factors and causal connections. Moreover, the local manifestation of armed violence often reflects unique factors and peculiarities found in a given community, country or culture, but not elsewhere. As once noted about politics, all violence is also local; as such, there are many different interpretations of the best ways to confront this global... (AVR Monitor)

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Guns Should be the Principal Focus to Curb Violence

16 May 2014

Huffington Post (USA)

There is no "silver bullet" to reduce armed violence, a multi-faceted, complex phenomenon with a long list of drivers, risk factors and causal connections. Moreover, the local manifestation of armed violence often reflects unique factors and peculiarities found in a given community, country or culture, but not elsewhere. As once noted about politics, all violence is also local; as such, there are many different interpretations of the best ways to confront this global... (AVR Monitor)

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Central Africa,East Africa,Kenya

Gun Proliferation Threatens Social Fabric of East Africa Region, Says ISS

13 May 2014

Shanghai Daily (China)

Experts from across Africa will meet in Nairobi on Wednesday to seek ways to help address the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the continent, ravaged by many conflicts. A statement from the Nairobi-based Regional Centre for Small Arms (RECSA) said Tuesday the 3rd meeting of the AU-Regions steering committee on small arms and light weapons and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration will seek ways of combating cross border flows illicit... (AVR Monitor)

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South Sudan

Sexual Violence Soars in Civilian Protection Lacking South Sudan

13 May 2014

IRIN (UN News)

Sexual and gender-based violence might not be a new phenomenon in South Sudan, but the current crisis and the near absence of protection for civilians has exacerbated it, analysts say. “We do know that it [sexual and gender-based violence] is a major issue. Even though many victims of sexual violence do not report their ordeal because of the stigma that it carries, wherever we went we met women and girls who told us that they had been raped by either government or... (AVR Monitor)

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Efforts to Reduce Gender Violence Prove Positive in Parts of Tanzania

13 May 2014

IPP Media

Gender based violence (GBV) is a reality in the lives of many Tanzanians. Most major research on GBV in Tanzania indicates that disproportionately women and children suffer most from this human rights violation. A country-wide study conducted recently by Management and Development for Health (MDH) revealed that Mara region has the highest recorded number of GBV with 72 percent of women in the area being victims. Development for Health (MDH) is a leading non-profit... (AVR Monitor)

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As Troops Withdraw Report Predicts Increase in Taliban Offensives

12 May 2014


Taliban militants launched a declared summer offensive across Afghanistan on Monday and a prominent think-tank forecast a bloody future as foreign combat forces prepare to leave. In a report, the International Crisis Group (ICG) said the number of Islamist insurgent attacks had increased by 15-20 percent in 2013 from a year earlier, and a similar trend continued into the first half of 2014. "The violence remains ferocious because there are so many grudges and... (AVR Monitor)

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European Weapon Suppliers to Blame for African Conflicts, Zambian Pres.

9 April 2014

Press TV

Zambian President Michael Sata has slammed European countries, blaming them for the ongoing conflicts in Africa, specifically the Central African Republic. The Zambian president said Europe was guilty of conflicts in African as it manufactures the weapons used in battles in African countries. Sata also said that most of the poor child soldiers involved in conflicts in Africa were carrying guns made in Europe. Child soldiers do not have funding to buy such weapons, he... (AVR Monitor)

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Lebanese Domestic Violence Law Has Draft Marital Rape Clause Removed

9 April 2014

Guardian (UK)

Until last week, there was no legislation protecting women from domestic violence in Lebanon, a country that exonerates rapists who marry their victims. A landmark bill – the protection of women and family members from domestic violence – was passed by the Lebanese parliament on 1 April. All of the country's 18 personal status laws discriminate against women, in effect trapping them in violent marriages, according to Rothna Begum, women's rights researcher for the... (AVR Monitor)

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United Kingdom

Violence is Committed Chiefly Against Men, But Often Overshaddowed

9 April 2014

Telegraph (UK)

Men commit more violent crime than women, by a mile. Around 85-90% of convicted murderers are men, a majority of the reported domestic abusers and pretty much all of those committing sexual attacks. However – and this is the part that gets overlooked – almost twice as many men than women are the victims of violence. While as a society we rightly give lots of attention to protecting women against violence, from warnings about predatory cab drivers to reports on... (AVR Monitor)

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United States

Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors Slip Through 'Gender Violence' Net

9 April 2014

Huffington Post (USA)

Today I added another tally mark to the walls of my office. It was after receiving yet another call from a transgender survivor of sexual assault who was seeking resources to deal with their fear, anxiety, and safety concerns. Because many victim services organizations limit access by sex-segregation and few have providers with basic trans cultural competency, I had limited options to offer this survivor. I have facilitated monthly support groups for trans people and... (AVR Monitor)

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Rwanda,Congo (DRC)

Eastern Congo Struggles With Legacy of Rwandan Genocide Rebels

8 April 2014


Twenty years after the genocide in Rwanda, a rebel group founded by ethnic extremists who took part in that slaughter still prowls the lush hills of neighbouring eastern Congo, defying a renewed threat by the army and U.N. peacekeepers to dislodge it. The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) sits at the heart of two decades of war and instability in Democratic Republic of Congo, in which millions of people have died from violence, hunger and... (AVR Monitor)

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South Africa

RSA Ranks Well on Gender Equality, But More Empowerment Necessary

7 April 2014

South African Press Association

While the country has made strides in women empowerment, government says it would like to see more being done in the judiciary and the private sector. "To date, we have very few women judges - one judge president and only two women judges in the Constitutional Court," said Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini. Addressing a post-State of the Nation (SONA) Social Protection and Community Development Cluster briefing on Monday, the minister noted that generally,... (AVR Monitor)

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Guyana,Antigua & Barbuda,Barbados,Caribbean,Suriname,Virgin Islands (UK)

One in Three Caribbean Women Will Experience Intimate Partner Violence

4 April 2014

Barbados Advocate

It is predicted that one in three women in the Caribbean would fall victim to some form of domestic or partner based violence. This was revealed by UN Women Representative, Christine Arab, who delivered remarks yesterday at the Opening Ceremony of the Expert Group Meeting on Piloting Prevalence Surveys on Gender-Based Violence in the Caribbean at the Radisson Aquatica Resort. She said that this information can only be estimated because in spite of efforts by various... (AVR Monitor)

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Gender-Based Violence Project to Address Namibia's 1,200 Annual Rapes

4 April 2014


Namibia's Ecumenical Action Against Gender-Based Violence (EAAGBV) project was launched here on Thursday by Gender Equality and Child Welfare Minister Rosalia Nghidinwa. The project, initiated by the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) in conjunction with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare (MGECW) and the Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDI), aims to address any form of violence against mostly women and children by promoting gender equality among men and... (AVR Monitor)

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African States 'Collective Responsibility' to Ensure Peace and Development

3 April 2014

This Day Live

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday said it had become imperative for all nations to fish out sponsors as well as supporters of terror groups such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and those operating in the Sahel region. The president equally disclosed that the terror groups are bent on destabilising the African continent and must be identified and brought to book. Jonathan spoke in Brussels, Belgium, at the opening of the ongoing Fourth European Union-Africa... (AVR Monitor)

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Africa,Central African Republic

Oxfam: Armed Violence Costs Africa $18 Billion a Year

3 April 2014

Defence Web (South Africa), Media release

Between 1990 and 2007 the cost of armed violence and conflict to Africa was $300 billion – approximately the same as the aid money that flowed into the continent during that time, according to research by Oxfam, which estimates that losses continue at around $18 billion a year. Conflict shrinks the economies of affected African countries by at least 15% a year. This is a tremendous sum of money, enough to solve the continents’ problems of HIV and AIDS, or to... (AVR Monitor)

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Ukraine Riot Police Snipers Suspected of Killing Dozens of Kiev Protesters

3 April 2014


Twelve members of Ukraine's disbanded 'Berkut' riot police have been detained on suspicion of shooting peaceful participants in Kiev's months-long anti-government protests, a spokesman for the General Prosecutor said on Thursday. More than 100 people were killed, most by police snipers, on the streets of the capital in the run-up to the ouster of Viktor Yanukovich on Feb. 21 and the 'Berkut' force have largely been considered responsible. "By this morning twelve... (AVR Monitor)

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